Tuesday, September 15, 2009

returning to blogger...

3month i leave my blog empty d...now starting to return 2 my beloved mr.betelgeuse blog..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the philosophy of ' gay '

sometimes we will simply make laugh at some people with the word ' gay ' . recently my friend say i am a gay in his blog...i shock, keeping asking to myself. Am I gay?....for sure my answer is not.because i rather see girl naked body than guy....

to pretending i am not gay, i finding some info in wikipedia....for suprising i found that 'homosexualism' starting at 19teen century...wau...so early....i though starting 20th century...

Pretty boys, witty boys,
You may sneer
At our disintegration.
Haughty boys, naughty boys,
Dear, dear, dear!
Swooning with affectation...
And as we are the reason
For the "Nineties" being gay,
We all wear a green carnation.

Noel Coward, 1929 , Bitter Sweet

this song ' green carnation' was write by Noel Coward
to his friend Oscar Wilde who is known as

so if u find some of ur friend is gay....sing this song to him....but remember, don't sing to me..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i seen this movie using ppstream, the quality and the speed is nice...can try it.

quite a fantastic movie from chinese actor..great love story (a bit like titanic)...jack sacrifice himself for saving rose but in this movie zhao wei sacrifice herself to saving chen kun...

got 1 dialog between chen kun and zhao wei, quite touching...
"不管你是人是妖,我都爱你"said by chen kun to zhao wei at the end of the story...

in reality, quite hard to find this kind of love....hav u find it once? share with me...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my first day in blogger

.......r u sure u wanna see my blog?.....i not sure i will continue writing tis blog until when,anyway juz for fun...recently seen many friend posting their blogger address into msn...jealous,curious. maybe writing some blog will enhance my life experience...who know...hah.

today as usual...i wonder what ppl do in sunday...i juz sleep+watching some show+play facebook....lol look like so sien...

today got 1 fellow come my house asking my mother buy insurance...she is my mother friend...zzzz

still can sell insurance in such economic crisis....